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ESERVZ is a full cycle Amazon Business Management Agency. If you run your business on Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central, or went for Amazon FBA or Amazon MFN we have everything to rock your business. From store set-up and account management, product listings, content optimization (A+ / EBC) to online marketing (paid and organic), ratings & reviews and product branding we do everything. We provide our business consultation to Amazon associates, vendors, sellers and advertisers for all Amazon International Site Networks including USA, UK, Australia and India.

Founded by Seasoned E-Commerce Professionals – ESERVZ, is a unique kind of Amazon business consultancy that provides A to Z service. Our experienced team makes customised strategies for your business based on the latest data driven business technology. We know how to leverage the power of AI to increase your business revenues.

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Amazon Authorised Seller Partner

ESERVZ is an authorise seller partner of Amazon, the world's largest eCommerce platform. We are professional service provider who are trained and certified by Amazon which empowers sellers to launch, manage and grow your business on Amazon.

This service allows you to quickly launch yourself on Amazon. ESERVZ help you to setup your account and manage A-Z Amazon account for Amazon business owners. If you are selling products of your own brand, we help you request for brand registration with Amazon. We also help you avail UPC/EAN exemption in case you are selling products that have no standard product ids or bar codes.

ESERVZ specialise in Amazon Seller Central & Vendor Central, Catalog & Listing, Amazon enhanced A+ content, Amazon Brand Store Setup & Marketing, Amazon Advertising & Amazon Complete Account Management.

Our Services

We offer A-Z Amazon account Management service for Amazon business owners. Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate we have our customised growth map to grow on Amazon. To grab the huge opportunity of expanding your e- commerce business in Amazon Platform pick our expert services now.

Account Setup

Our team is ready to simplify the task of creating your Amazon account in the right way on the world’s largest online marketplace. We will make sure your Amazon business can grow up significantly in this increasingly sophisticated and complex e-commerce platform.

Pricing Strategy

Our Strategic and powerful techniques of product repricing are developed to maximise the revenues with increasing number of sales. We always try to help your products win the Buy Box Consistently.

Seller A/C Management

We are experienced in managing your Amazon Seller Account from zero to six figure sales. Our team is ready to take all the responsibilities of your business growth activities so that you can focus on the other important aspects of the business.

Vendor A/C Management

If you are bigger brand willing to sell your products in bulk amount directly to Amazon retail in, then you must take the expert consultation of us on managing your business as a first-party (1P) seller. Our team have successfully mastered the complex task of Amazon Vendor...

A/B Testing

With eservz you get the most powerful ways of Split (A/B) testing because with our latest tools we get algorithmic, automated and error-free numbers to develop the most data driven strategies for your business.

EBC Content

We create the most persuasive EBC content backed by keyword research in form of high quality images, videos, text to enhance the relevancy of your product. Typically, with the feature of enhance listing you can increase the sales from 4% to 10%.

Amazon Reimbursement

Lost inventory, damaged products, destroyed goods are the most common incidents while handling the storage and process of millions of products. We have recovered a large number of amounts from Amazon for our clients.

How We Work

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24X7 support

We support our clients on all Amazon related topics. We're in constant communication with our clients via email, phone and web-conferencing. We work on client's schedule which helps to work hand in hand with their own employees.

11+ years of Experience

Eservz is founded by an Ex-Amazon employee. We have worked with various types of sellers (including 1P and 3P) and affiliates. So, we handle every possible kind Amazon business models. We have proven expertise on consulting their business model to accelerate their growth.

Cost Effective solution

To ensure a world class business support in a very affordable price we don't charge any long term contract or any agency fees. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new Virtual Assistant in case of the replacement.

Growth Manager

From the first day we appoint a dedicated Growth manager for your business. We are here to make sure the consistent growth of your business on Amazon. Our long list of happy clients proves the expertise of our growth managers.

Our Portfolio

From cosmetics to dog food, clothing to eye wear our rich portfolio of satisfied Amazon business owners are from every category of business. Their increased revenue speaks our performance our expertise. The next brand could be yours!!!

What is moving in your mind?

Our team is ready to convert your idea in digital form.

Many Amazon business owners consider hiring more full time employees than hiring a virtual Amazon Expert. Being in this in industry nearly a decade we have seen some advantages of hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant-

Hire an Amazon Expert

  • Grab the chance of expanding your business with new ideas
  • Work with an industry expert to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Focus on developing strategies to increase sales while we handle your routine and time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce operational cost with a cost effective outsourcing solution
  • Stay ahead of competitors by working on your weak areas









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