Whenever a new seller does a sign-up into Amazon there are certain category of products (like- beauty products, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical products, pet supplies, toys etc) remains initially locked for the new sellers. The reason behind doing this to stop product infudgement. It had seen that there is a huge level of product infudgement in these categories

Being the world's largest e-commerce platform Amazon introduced the category un-gating service to ensure that the customers can shop with confidence, and so they decided that new sellers fulfill the conditions to get approval of selling in certain categories. Generally if you want to sell your products on Amazon you have obey a long list of guidelines and when we talk about gated categories and products there is more conditions to add on.

Why does Amazon Gate few categories?

  • Amazon Protects Your Health- Example- food supplements comes under gated category. You want to buya daily multivitamin from Amazon. But, how will Amazon get assured about the quality or authentication of the product? So, with ungating application Amazon verifies all testing documents, government licences before giving approval.
  • Amazon Respect Your Money - Amazon always wants to protect your hard earned money from infudged products. Suppose you bought a hair gel and you received a duplicate one. So, being the world's most ecommerce platform Amazon gates the beauty products to safegurad your money.
  • Amazon thinks about safety- Beauty products are under gated category. The reason behind gating the beauty category is ensuring your skin safety. You don't want to damage your skin by using a duplicate product right??? So, Amazon decided to put the beauty products under gated category. Now A seller has to submit all the required testing report, manufacturing licences etc to get approval from Amazon.

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Why do you need us to ungate product?

To ensure the compliances Amazon keeps unopened a few categories for the new sellers. So, a new seller have to appeal Amazon to open the certain category for them. But don't think it's a cakewalk because there is a huge level of documentation involved. Based on the documents attached with your application Amazon will decide to ungate your product or not.

For example, you product falls under hand sanitizer. Then you have to submit FDA (Foods and Drugs Authority) licence, safety lisence, Product Identification and registration number and more. Or you want to sell a toy which is charged by battery. So, you'll be required to submit the government certification of the battery to assure about the safety standards of your battery to Amazon. Every category requires it's unique documentation. These licences shows the authority to sell the product.

Why does the Application get rejected?

Incomplete documentation- Generally if you overlook any required document it gets rejected. So, even after filling all the blanks and attaching every certification you should go through the entire application throughly before final submission.

If the new seller has zero or very less sales history on Amazon. Work on optimizing your existing account and apply again after a few months.

Sometime to control the number of selling products Amazon rejects your application even aftor doing everything right.


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