Amazon Coupons and Rebates

Being in this Amazon consulting industry nearly a decade we have observed that customers are always looking for deals on e-commerce platforms like Amazon so adding coupons is a very effective way to drive the traffic and increase visibility of your product. Promotions on Amazon are of various types based on the different purposes. Our job is to provide benifit to the customers to complete the purchase with giving valuable insights to vendors for improving the health of the account.

There are other 2 indirect ways to promote your product

Giveaways: Offer your items for free to generate buzz around your products and increase social media engagements. Amazon will promote the offer to their subscribers and will generate a giveaway link for sellers to promote in social media as well.

Promo Codes: A promo code is generated for customers to have a discount on selected products applied during the checkout. You can also have Amazon share your promo code with industry Influencers from different platforms like youtube, linkedin, facebook etc. which are usefuo increase unique visits. Promo codes last up to 4 months.

These are some different forms of offerings

When someone redeems the coupons, you’re generating more sales. More sales will lead to a higher sales velocity and a better best sellers ranking. BSR will lead you to another round of extra sales. So by offering a discounted item, you’re are winning is guranteed.


Online Coupons are just same like brick-mortar shop coupons. Customers paste the coupon virtually just before to get discount at checkout. Coupons can run with (dollar) $ off or (percentage) % off. You can do test which type of discount works best for your product.

Deals of the Day

These kind of promotions runs for 24 hours long and are often a larger discount on higher price point item. Before getting approval for this deal the vendor must meet some specific criteria defined by Amazon. These deals are displayed more prominently on the Amazon page..

Lightning Deals

Under this kind of deal a single item is coupled with a limited quantity of extra savings coupons, available for the specific time period or until all coupons are used. But remember that your product must have a minimum of a three-star rating and must be Prime to be eligible for lightning deals.

Free Shipping

Defining up a limited-time period is often proved a smart way promote your products. You must think of making strategic choices as to which products should include free shipping or not.

Discounted Price

A price discount promotion is a great way to clear the unsold products which leads to win the buy box. These offers are optionally promoted by the Amazon email and deals team. Price discount offers usually last up to 35 days.

Buy One Get One

Going for limited-time “buy 1 (or many) get 1 free” offer is very useful to focus a new product and drive customers to buy complementary items together. This increases the number of sales along with createing awareness for the rest of the products of the same brand.

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