Creating a perfect EBC page is a meticulous process and it’s not an easy process of just adding image and content. There are certain guidelines to follow and it’s a creative process. If it’s not done properly it can ruin your product description page. Amazon is an extremely crowded marketplace. With EBC you optimize your Amazon listing by projecting a brand value, making customer relevancy and increasing customer engagement.

Benefits of A+ content

  • Decreased Bounce Rate- Now a day’s people are very busy, they usually spend less than a minute on the title (text) or the image of the page. If they are not convinced they immediately shift to the product of competitor. Properly crafted EBC increases the customer engagement and decreases the bounce rate.
  • Established Brand Value – If you think from the customer’s end, you will see that there is difference between two products one is with enhanced brand content and one is without enhanced brand content. You instantly feel a confidence of the brand value in the customer’s mind.
  • More ROI on paid ads – If you are running paid ads campaign for your product then with the help of EBC, CTR can be increased which leads to increased order session percentage.
  • Lesser Product Returns- With a proper EBC , it can make understand the complete product information to customers. So, they already know what is going to come to them when they place the order. It decreases the product return rate.

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Evolution of Amazon EBC

You will often notice that a lot of people talking about these terms A+ Content and EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) as one term. This happens because till July 2019, A+ Content was only available to 1P sellers, and EBC was a special option available just for 1P sellers.

A+ Content for vendors provided plenty of user friendly options like- tables, multiple product images, rollover buttons and many more. These different modules creates a powerful combination of features to actually make a perfect product listing. These high priced A+ pages with the worth hooked in to each vendor’s negotiated terms, also because the product category.

At the same time, the listing feature version for 1P sellers was known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). This was a more basic offering allowing sellers to feature additional information to their product descriptions and additional product images.

In the month of July 2019, Amazon’s decided to merge these 2 systems. This gave all brand owners – both sellers and vendors – an equivalent set of tools within the “A+ Content Manager” to make enhanced listings. It also became free, for both sellers and vendors, and increased the amount of modules available from twelve to fifteen .

Amazon a+content

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