Listing Audit & Optimization

There are more than 30 Million product listing on Amazon Platform. Beat your FBA competitors with our listing audit and optimization service. Optimize your listings to get the most of your existing listings. Make your listing stand out with Listing Audit and optimization service by team Eservz. We are here to design your most profitable Amazon listing. Our experienced team helps you to discover most profitable images, title, and description of your listing.

No more guess work!!! Optimize your product listing with our proven data driven approach.

We even audit your competitors listing to let your position with your competitors! With the best in class listing audit and optimization service we give you proper audit report and required optimization steps to rectify the weakpoints of your listing . So you get a proper path to improve your entire listing. Next we work on those weak points to optimize your Amazon product listing.

To save the hours of work get our AUDIT and OPTIMIZE service for your listing NOW!

Note - If you want to opt for the data driven listing service then you are advised to book our combo package of Audit listing& optimisation with A/B testing service. Because we will test every element of your listing page by A/B testing at a regular interval of time to decide the most suitable elements of your product page which derives the maximum sells. This listing & optimization decisions will be backed by data.

What we audit and optimize of your Amazon listing ?

We offer A-Z Amazon listing audit and Optimization service for Amazon business owners.

Optimized Keywords

We discover the list of most relevant keywords that have higher search volume & lower competition for your product. It helps get your higher search visbility. At the same time negative keywords are also eliminated to generate maximum sales.

Featured Image

The featured image is the first product picture a buyer sees when they come across your listing. Images are so important because product images are the first impression of your product. We create image title and alt tag with most relevant keywords of your products. This helps to rank better in SERP.

Product Title

A relevant product title increases the CTR. To create a perfect product title it can be written with the components like brand name, colour and/or flavour and/or variant size and/or quantity, relevant keywords”. Proper keywords are used for product description.


With these bullets you’ll have increased time engagement of the user. All the USPs, uniqueness and awesome features are included by summarizing the sentence in bold, changing the order of bulleted features, the kinds of bullets you use, and more.


We are always focused to create briefly described product desciption for the visitors. Usually the descriptions are written in very deep manner so that the visitors can learn about your product in detail. We break up the entite description into sections with proper relevancy.

Organized Category

It's a quick step to get big ROI. In this step we review the categories of your products. It helps to appear your product in the right set search result which helps to appear your product for the right type of search result.

What is moving in your mind?

Our team is ready to convert your idea in digital form.


24X7 support

We support our clients on all Amazon related topics. We're in constant communication with our clients via email, phone and web-conferencing. We work on client's schedule which helps to work hand in hand with their own employees.

11+ years of Experience

Eservz is founded by an Ex-Amazon employee. We have worked with various types of sellers (including 1P and 3P) and affiliates. So, we handle every possible kind Amazon business models. We have proven expertise on consulting their business model to accelerate their growth.

Cost Effective solution

To ensure a world class business support in a very affordable price we don't charge any long term contract or any agency fees. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new Virtual Assistant in case of the replacement.

Growth Manager

From the first day we appoint a dedicated Growth manager for your business. We are here to make sure the consistent growth of your business on Amazon. Our long list of happy clients proves the expertise of our growth managers.

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