Amazon PPC Management Service

Our complete Amazon PPC management service will start with a full keyword research and optimization, then monitor the progress and update the reports of your campaigns for maximum performance, while sharing frequent ad performance updates. Our general goal is to produce a detailed market research according to the product to provide the client with specific product related customer search terms that which will help to covert the visitors into customers.

So Don’t spend months figuring out how to run effective Amazon PPC ads campaigns? when you can hire a team with years of experience for a complete Amazon PPC Management Service. Our Amazon PPC management team can create highly effective campaigns or we can optimize your current Amazon campaign to lower your advertising cost of scale, ACOS and increase your profit.

Authorise Agency for best result

We are an authorize Amazon agency for the best result for your product because we know the art of getting result by bleeding concrete logic with well researched data at every step of our ppc management.

To run a successful ecommerce business on Amazon sellers have to understand the concept of sponsored products But many sellers still struggle to entirely gasp the concept of sponsored products. According to our own market research, almost half of the Amazon sellers fail to handle the complexities of Amazon PPC, which leads to spending thousands of dollars with a futile result.

Our PPC Service Include

We offer A-Z Amazon account Management service for Amazon business owners.

Campaign Audit

Our PPC team will analyze, test and optimise pay-per-click campaigns that ensure maximum ROI on your existing Amazon PPC campaign that isn’t generating profits. Our experts will audit your existing campaign thoroughly for effective optimisation opportunities. We will set appropriate KPIs and realistic...

Keyword Research

We will identify how your targated customers use keywords to find products you sell on Amazon. After doing research we' discover most-searched and relevant keywords to target along with the appropriate phrases to optimise your ad copy. We also avoid negative search terms to ensure you maximum ROI.

Campaign Creation

Our Amazon PPC team is focused to create highly engaging and keyword-rich ad copy that is focused around the target audience and helps to drive high CTR. Our young creative team who will take into consideration your target audience to achieve high click-through rate (CTR) and more conversions.

Bid Management

After the PPC campaign is live and running, our Amazon PPC team will monitor the keyword bids carefully and optimise them for effective results. This moves around upgrading the bidding practices at the keyword level depending on various factors such as bid placement, performance, impressions, etc.

Budgeting & Forecasting

To most effectively use your PPC budget first we extract all the previous data and fix the targeted performance. It's a useful step to increase ROI using predictive data. It helps to develop an excellent strategy for our clients. We don't go by intuition or guess works. We preach data driven business decisions.

Reporting and Management

We don't keep our clients in dark. Clear communication between our clients with us is the secret our long list of clients. To give a clear insight of the running campaigns we send our clients performance reports as per their requirement basis daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. Our data chart contained performance...


24X7 support

We support our clients on all Amazon related topics. We're in constant communication with our clients via email, phone and web-conferencing. We work on client's schedule which helps to work hand in hand with their own employees.

11+ years of Experience

Eservz is founded by an Ex-Amazon employee. We have worked with various types of sellers (including 1P and 3P) and affiliates. So, we handle every possible kind Amazon business models. We have proven expertise on consulting their business model to accelerate their growth.

Cost Effective solution

To ensure a world class business support in a very affordable price we don't charge any long term contract or any agency fees. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new Virtual Assistant in case of the replacement.

Growth Manager

From the first day we appoint a dedicated Growth manager for your business. We are here to make sure the consistent growth of your business on Amazon. Our long list of happy clients proves the expertise of our growth managers.

What is moving in your mind?

Our team is ready to convert your idea in digital form.

100% proven Amazon PPC strategy

Now, a days from large to small every enterprise every company have the access to advanced marketing tools. Now, if you solely depend on the availed data from the tools it won’t serve your purpose completely. The differentiating factor is strategy. With best strategy you can win the game. At eservz we use our 100% proven Amazon PPC strategy with the data of advanced marketing tools. After analyzing the various data we get ,our PPC mangers picks the best depending on the product.

We always customize our strategy based on the different projects to get the desired result for our clients. The long list of our satisfied clients proves the the expertise of Eservz over Amazon PPC Strategy.

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