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Are you trying to get your Amazon Product Listed and Optimised from the most effective Amazon Product Listing and Optimisation service provider? Then Eservz has the best team full of copywriters, keyword researchers and optimiser to list and optimise your product in the best possible manner.

Eservz is one of the top rated Amazon product listing and optimisation service provider known for it's finest-quality product listing services to every kind of product category. Being one of the experienced Amazon listing services provider we offer dedicated, cost-effective and result oriented services for our clients across the globe. Our experts optimise your product listing backed by proper keyword research to boost your conversion rate of your sales.

We have successfully worked with the clients from US, UK, Canada, India and other countries. The level of quality service we have delivered them are the main reason behind being recognised as one of finest Amazon Product Listing and Optimisation company available in the market.

Steps of Amazon Product Listing

Keyword Identification

We start with exploring your product’s relevant keywords, based on the factors: volume, opportunity, priority, and relevancy. After getting all the information we write your listing or optimize your existing listing.

Competitor Analysis

In this vital step with the help cutting edge tools we find your competitor's seed keywords. We prepare a set of keywords to give an edge over the best performing Amazon products of your niche.

Keyword Categorization

Next we divide the list of keywords according your business goal (branding/selling etc). Keyword Volume is not the only metric. We also consider opportunity and relevancy of the keywords. These matrices helps you to discover the untaped markets and neglected keywords.

Keyword Placement

By considering Amazon A9 algorithm we place the top priority keywords into places like- Keyword Rich Title, Five Bullet Points, Product Description, Backend Search Terms. This helps your products to get an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Addition of Image

Amazon alloes 9 images including a lead image. Images are so important because product images are the first impression of your product. We create image title and alt tag with most relevant keywords of your products. This helps to rank better in SERP.

Performance measuring

At this step we measure all the actions we have taken to optimize the listing of your product. If we see after some interval one of the component is not performing well we replace with another component. You can also have look of all the details on the report file which send you over the time.


Skilled E-commerce team

Our team is highly skilled in E-commerce channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Walmart. All of our employees go through continuous training and development programs.

Account Manager

We appoint an account manager on your account who works from day one. And responsible of your staff onboarding, performance, and daily reporting.

Cost Effective solution

There is no long-term contract and agency fee. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new VA in the case of replacement your VA.


Our team works on your schedule which makes communication much easier with your onsite team much easier. You can reach out to us via direct US phone line, Skype, and email

What is moving in your mind?

Our team is ready to convert your idea in digital form.

What are the benefits of Product Listing service from Eservz?

Data based Listing - We analyze the quality of a listing based on different parameters. We have our own database of different Amazon products with their ideal listing details. When a new assignment comes to us we compare the products with our existing database and try to identify the weaker areas. So that we can work on those weak areas to bring the best version of your listing.

Placement of Your Keywords - We craft copies that contains all the focused, related and relevant product keywords including their variations. Based on the various factors of search visibility we create a compelling copy of product listing which are a perfect blend of text that makes it appealing and readable to visitors and get crawled and indexed by Amazon’s bot based on A9 algorithms.

Higher Product Ranking - Our copywriters aims on action words and sales-driving language to trigger conversion based on top product features. Our speciality is that the listings we write will always be on the same level of your competitors so you will rank on the top position of the Amazon SERP.

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