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Amazon SEO play an impotent role to increase your Amazon sales organically of your products and Eservz knows the importance of the SEO for your product. In today’s fast-moving world people are less patient. So, you have to reach your product on the top of the amazon search result page. In the other paid amazon ads like amazon PPC you have to spend money on a regular basis to display your product on the top of the page. So, ranking your product organically by doing SEO will deliver you on the long run without spending on to PPC.

We are an authorise Amazon agency to manage full amazon service from account setup to optimisation to promotion. In SEO our team always active to getting the best result for your product because we know the art of getting result by bleeding concrete logic with well researched data at every step of account management.

As we know SEO friendly content plays the key role on influencing the factor of ranking your storefront or a listed product on the top of the search result page. So we also focus on EBC content for your amazon account.

Latest Technology which we use for Optimise Amazon Store

Eservz SEO experts are always ready to bring winning result with the years of work experience and latest amazon SEO tools. With help these tools we can analyze the strength of the competitors. According to results from SEO tools we plan the content and other SEO factors for your product to bring a better amazon ranking.

SEO Services Include

We perform the following steps under the SEO service....

Listing Audit

In this first step of SEO we audit the Product title, bullet points, product description and backend search terms. We check the desired product realated keywords are present or not in these mentioned fields. This step helps to understand the loopholes.

Competitor Research

In this vital step we find where you actually stand with your competitors for your specific product niche. We prepare a set of actionable data by analyzing the listing of the best performing companies of your industry.

Keyword Research and Selection

We use premium tools to find the proper seed keywords for your products and compare those with the seed keywords of your competitors. We also get the most searched keywords related to your products.

Listing Optimization

Now this step is about implementing those actionable data which we derived by doing competitor research and putting the seed keywords in the fields of product title, bullet points, product description and backend search terms which we got by conducting keyword research.

A/B Testing and Optimization

With eservz you get the most powerful ways of Split (A/B) testing because with our latest tools we get algorithmic, automated and error-free numbers to develop the most data driven strategies for your business.

EBC/A+ Content

Although the content is not indexed by the Amazon still it's relevant for the visitors. We create user friendly content so that users can easily learn about your product and also purchase those items. Beacuse end of the day sales matters the most...


24X7 support

We support our clients on all Amazon related topics. We're in constant communication with our clients via email, phone and web-conferencing. We work on client's schedule which helps to work hand in hand with their own employees.

11+ years of Experience

Eservz is founded by an Ex-Amazon employee. We have worked with various types of sellers (including 1P and 3P) and affiliates. So, we handle every possible kind Amazon business models. We have proven expertise on consulting their business model to accelerate their growth.

Cost Effective solution

To ensure a world class business support in a very affordable price we don't charge any long term contract or any agency fees. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new Virtual Assistant in case of the replacement.

Growth Manager

From the first day we appoint a dedicated Growth manager for your business. We are here to make sure the consistent growth of your business on Amazon. Our long list of happy clients proves the expertise of our growth managers.

What is moving in your mind?

Our team is ready to convert your idea in digital form.

Why Hire Eservz Amazon Expert?

  • Eservz preaches 100% white hat SEO, which takes a bit time but gives you a sustainable result for a longer period. We neither recommend nor prescribe black hat SEO practices which gives you an instant result but leads to account suspension in near future.
  • Eservz SEO team has the full command over the six-core points Amazon A9 algorithm. We know to think from the Amazon’s end and implementing the strategies from the seller’s point of view.
  • We know the value of links (backlink, internal link, outbound link, inbound link, no follow link, do follow link etc.). Our expert content writers place them naturally in the content to give a better insight to user. We know the fine line between over linking and natural linking.
  • Keywords are the pillars of a content. We never believe in keyword stuffing. Instead of that our expert copy-writers place the keywords in a meaningful way without disrupting the reading flow of the reader.
  • We have a vast experience of ranking of thousands of products by doing the expert Eservz SEO services. By unlocking true essence of the product, we optimize accordingly.

amazon seo services

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