Amazon Vendor Central Management

Beat the competition with team Eservz by generating a organic revenue regularly over the time with our Amazon Vendor Central management services. As a reputed Amazon Vendor Central Management consultant, we grow your business with long years of domain knowledge and the most up-to-date Amazon business methods.

It helps to create a sustainable growth strategy that is customised to your business goals. When team Eservz manages your Amazon Vendor Central account, we ensure that we track every KPI like - Amazon search rankings, EBC content, ppc performance, ratings & reviews, and many more.

Why do you need Vendor Central service

You can sell your products two ways on Amazon- first by becoming a first-party (1P) seller on Amazon and second by becoming a third-party (3P) seller to Amazon.

These 1P partners sell products directly to Amazon at wholesale rate which are later sold by Amazon to customers at retail prices. In this case brands and businesses plays the role of vendor or wholesaler. Amazon acts as the seller or retailer that's why it's called Vendor Central program. But keep in mind that it's an invitation-only program.

Benifits of Vendor Central Seller:

More trust of consumers- Typically consumers arrives on your product listings on Amazon with a mixed of question, curiosity and exicement. Products with odd reviews, or third-partiy sellers adds more to confusion. But the benifit of being the Amazon Vendor Partner, everyone can see that the seller of your product is Amzon itself- “sold by Amazon.” This tag clears all the doubts of your product visitors.

Leverage A+ Content- Being a 1P seller vendors have the advantage to create enhanced brand content (EBC) by using Amazon A+ Content. Click here to know how we successfully create EBC to drive more conversions. Vendors also get a chance to take optional Subscribe & Save program from Amazon.

Vine Review Program- By the great opportunity and marketing tool - Amazon Vine Review your product will be send to top reviewers before getting it live for sale. If you think as a consumer trust plays the major role for completing a purchase. Knowing what others have to say about your upcoming product creates a big difference on sales performance.

Straight Business Structure- - If you are in Amazon Vendor Central means you’re not don't have to worry more about product order processing. Being a vendor you should focus on billing, avoiding reimbursements, and filling purchase orders etc.

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Our team is highly skilled in E-commerce channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Walmart. All of our employees go through continuous training and development programs.

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We appoint an account manager on your account who works from day one. And responsible of your staff onboarding, performance, and daily reporting.

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There is no long-term contract and agency fee. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new VA in the case of replacement your VA.


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