How to Perfectly Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing

Grabbing a premium position in the Amazon product listing is one of the most important factors behind your product selling. But getting that perfect spot is no cakewalk. A seller needs to precisely curate many a point for getting the premium visibility.

Firstly one needs to ask himself if he himself would buy the product. If yes, then why would he buy it over other options?

Once the seller gets the answer, he needs to systematically arrange all the product features and highlight them such that Amazon algorithm launches the product correctly.

Here are a few things every seller must keep in mind while preparing his product for Amazon product listing:

1. Keywords: Using the right keyword is extremely important when placing your product for Amazon product listing. The keywords should comply with your product and must be diverse enough to attract greater viewers at the same time. Position the most important keywords in the right places to let Amazon engine recognize that your product is super relevant to those keywords.

2. Use a specific Product Title: Title is one of the first things that a buyer is going to come across while scrolling down. Make sure that the top keywords are placed in your title as this is what is going to fetch your product listing.

3. Describe your product: make sure that you include all your product features specifically in your description and also sure to use the keywords. No feature should be left out, let how obvious it is. Use simple language with short sentences to make it reader-friendly.

4. Highlight with Bullets: let it be product description or any of the special features, try using bullets, as it will not only make it convenient for the buyer to read but will also highlight your product features specifically and precisely. This automatically helps buyers choose your product over others as well as lead Amazon optimization engine places it on the top of the product lists.

However, be sure to stay in byte/ character limit, while writing all the above points as anything beyond the prescribed limit will be directly eliminated by Amazon optimisation engine.

5. High-quality images with diverse angles: when going for online shopping, the first and foremost thing that attracts any buyer is the product image. Thus one of the most important elements for best product listing is uploading high-quality images. Generally, Amazon lets the seller give up to seven images of its product. Make sure to grab this opportunity and provide images of your product from all angles and views. Adding a video of your product sometimes enhances its features and lets you generate more views. All these, in turn, pull up your product position in the list.

However, few things like white background, HD-quality image, etc must be taken care of while uploading your product image. The seller must hire a professional photographer if necessary.

6. Competitive pricing: lastly, the key role behind the sale of your product is determined by its pricing. One must keep an idea of the available market competitors and must price its product accordingly. Too many high-end features often fetch big prices which in turn decreases the product sale. A continuous decrease in sells brings down the product list position as well. Thus knowledge of competitor pricing and thereby proving discounts and other benefits are important for Amazon search engines to optimize your product listing.

7. Let the user know your product: it often happens that a user came across your product randomly, but making use of these random encounters to popularize your product is a great way of pulling up your product listing. Often a buyer does not know what he is actually looking for. In such cases, an accurate description of your product and its usability can help you gain new customers in the long run. Make sure you let your viewer know the "what, where, why and how" of your product.

8. Connect with your heart: let your customers know the origin of your product and how it aims to help the world around. Mention its global impact and let your customers know how it will affect the environment (if at all).

9. Reviews: reviews play a MAJOR role in the ultimate sell of your product. Both positive and negative (if any) will help increase product visibility and better listing. However, be sure to keep all your reviews in Amazon TOS and not ask your friends and family to review excessively and unnecessarily as Amazon is smart enough to detect that and penalize you.

Keeping these few factors in mind while placing your new product in Amazon can help you generate good visibility and product listing. This will not only help you sell the current product but will also help generate customer loyalty in the long run.

Team eServz