Behind the Scenes Guide to the Amazon Ranking Algorithm

In today's world of ever-changing life, the one thing that worries every online seller is the ranking and if you are an Amazon seller then it is of even more concern to you. We all know the huge volume of products that are listed almost every day in Amazon and how it affects the product ranking list. Product ranking list plays a major role in the sale of products as buyers will only consider buying your product if they see it on the first go. The prime and only job of Amazon is to sell products and it exactly does so. Amazon uses its slightly complicated A9 algorithm to optimize every product listing by two means: on-page optimization and off-page. A seller has no control over the off-page so the only thing he can do is to optimize and carefully design the on-page. Here are some behind the Scenes Guide to the Amazon Ranking Algorithm which can help all sellers head start their business:

1. Know and Enlist Every Single Detail: Never skip any attribute of your product. Let how common it be, a seller must include every detail with utmost clarity regarding its dimension, size, weight, color, transparency, etc.

2. Target The Right Audience: know the age group or the kind of audience your product has to the maximum. Knowing this will help you design the next part. Focus on the major issues of the particular buyer group and explain in details how your product can be overcome those. This will help create an emotional bond between the seller and the buyer, which helps in long -term product loyalty.

3. Know Your Position and Competitors: it is obvious that like you there will be many other sellers selling the same and even at times better quality products. You as a seller must know all your competitor and where you stand. Knowing your ground will help you focus on your strong points and help focus and convince buyers accordingly. You must quote your price keeping this in mind. Also, the same price can be quoted in many a way which can convince buyers to buy your product. This fact should be critically dealt with.

4. Keywords: This is actually a game-changer. Enlist the most effective and popular keywords which match with your product. A seller needs to survey the popular keywords generally used by customers for the related product. Knowing and using these will help rank your product to the top easily.

5. Craft Your Product: The right and concise description, right keywords and a bullet-format highlight of the product detail- these are what it majorly takes to optimize the A9 Amazon algorithm for your best results.

While putting up a product on amazon a seller must ask himself, if he would buy the product himself or not? A seller must keep in mind that human connection is important for selling a product to an unseen customer. It often happens that even though the product is excellent it does not get a good sale. This is majorly because of the loss of human connectivity between the buyer and seller.

Keeping the above points in mind will definitely be helpful while enlisting your new product or maintaining the existing ranking of your product. However, this is just the beginning. Long term sale of the product definitely depends on the quality and post-sale services.