Amazon Inventory Management Services

If you want to see your product at the top of Amazon SERP then a proper Amazon inventory management is a vital factor for this. Among the mingle of product ranking factors Amazon inventory is serious rank boosting factor. Being a successful Amazon consultant we have an experienced team of inventory management experts who maintains the supply chain efficiently for the accurate delivery of product within the stipulated time to the customer.

Without a properly managed inventory you can't be lasting for a longer period in this highly competitive market of Amazon. We know how a properly managed inventory service impacts your business in a very positive way that's why we the Team Eservz offers dedicated Amazon Inventory management service for your product.

Inventory management team of Eservz helps you to meet timely delivery, ensure customer satisfaction and, subsequently, improve your Amazon ratings which leads to a healthy account. You can understand how all these things impacts your Amazon business in the long run. We know that you don't want to lose sales opportunity due poor inventory management. Let's help you improve your inventory management on Amazon as part of our holistic account management process.

Why do you need this service?

Proper inventory management has become more important than ever for an Amazon seller because in the last year, Amazon has taken three significant decisions-

  • introduced a monthly long term storage fees for slow moving inventory,
  • increased FBA fees
  • launched the new Inventory Performance Index (IPI) metric.

How our team manage this service for getting #1 product Rank?

Being in this industry nearly a decade we have seen that, Amazon sellers are so focused on finding new products to sell on Amazon that they often forget about maximizing the profitability of their existing product set. But it's easier to upgrade your company’s profit margun through an effective inventory management than doing the same through new product sourcing.

Want to know how we effieciently manage the large amount of inventories for our clients? Contact us now!!! We'll love to share our experiences.

Are you struggling with managing your inventory properly?

With the help of cutting edge tools and experienced management team, we have successfully managed large amount of product inventory for our clients.

If your answer is yes, then let's have a look on the services what we offer.

  • Multichannel inventory Management
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • FBA inventory management
  • Inventory management for Amazon sellers
  • Amazon settlement report insight
  • Inventory demand planning.

What is moving in your mind?

Our team is ready to convert your idea in digital form.


24X7 support

We support our clients on all Amazon related topics. We're in constant communication with our clients via email, phone and web-conferencing. We work on client's schedule which helps to work hand in hand with their own employees.

11+ years of Experience

Eservz is founded by an Ex-Amazon employee. We have worked with various types of sellers (including 1P and 3P) and affiliates. So, we handle every possible kind Amazon business models. We have proven expertise on consulting their business model to accelerate their growth.

Cost Effective solution

To ensure a world class business support in a very affordable price we don't charge any long term contract or any agency fees. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new Virtual Assistant in case of the replacement.

Growth Manager

From the first day we appoint a dedicated Growth manager for your business. We are here to make sure the consistent growth of your business on Amazon. Our long list of happy clients proves the expertise of our growth managers.

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